CoVid-19: How to have a beautiful and memorable event, with safety as a priority.

As a responsible company, safety has always been our number one priority. Your safety and the teams safety is vital in creating a beautiful and memorable photo booth experience!

As event professionals, we need to be well-prepared for when Sydney starts to reopen and events will again take place once again. Our commitment to our Clients is to create a beautiful, fun and memorable experience despite this unusual circumstance. We want to reassure you that utmost care will be exercised to ensure that local and state guidelines are complied with.

Moving forward, these changes will be our new normal. Below is a list of steps we will be taking:

1. Equipment

All equipment will continue to be cleaned and sanitised before and after each event, including in-between photo sessions when required. Photo Attendant/s will operate the booth at all times to minimise the number of persons touching the booth. Attendant/s will sanitise the touchscreen in between each session.

2. The Photo Perfect Team

Our Photo Team will continue to be friendly and professional, and will be dressed appropriately. As an addition to their normal attire, they will be wearing masks during the entirety of the event/s. Anyone who is experiencing respiratory symptoms or is feeling ill will not be allowed to attend the event, we will ensure to have enough staff to cover events in case of sick calls.

3. Funky Props

Under the new guidelines, Photo Perfect Events will supply ONLY hand-held signs. We do have alternative features that we are happy to upgrade your hire with, eg. digital props, photo filters, boomerangs, as applicable, at no additional cost. The team will clean and sanitise props in between use. We will unfortunately be unable to supply hats and masks for events.

4. The Photo Perfect Set-Up

Social distancing will be observed at all times whilst waiting for your turn in the booth, as per usual, the bigger the space the better. We will encourage guests not to congregate around the booth area and wait until the line is shortest before coming to wait for their turn. Temporary tapes will be used to mark the right distance between each group.

Only Open Air booths will be available for hire during this period. Enclosed booths will be unavailable until further notice.

5. Guests

Guests are encouraged to sanitise their hands before and after each photo session.

The above will be our new normal to ensure the safety of everyone. Do you have any other suggestions on how to maintain your safety without comprising the fun? Let us know and comment below. Everyone's safety is our priority.

Roadmap to CoVid-Safe Australia

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