Tips on how to choose the best photo booth supplier.

Updated: Jan 23

Photo Booths add the WOW factor to your events and helps bring out the fun in everyone. A PhotoBooth allows guests to capture valuable moments at any event, with fun and funky props to give it more POP! Hiring a photo booth for your party is a very exciting idea, there are many photo booth rentals in the city, but remember... only a few stand out!

Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing your photo booth supplier:

Quality of photography

A professional photo booth offers high-quality photographs. You can ask them about the quality of the prints and even check their portfolio from previous events. You will be assured that they will produce best quality image quality when your photo booster uses high-quality, equipment from market leaders in the camera and photography industry. Professional photo booth companies should have high-quality cameras with them to capture precious moments and produce high-quality images and print them using the best quality photo printers.

Booth visits

If you have hundreds of guests, a professional company photo booth will know to handle the crowd and provide visitors tickets for a stand visit. You would not want chaos to ensue in your party because everyone wants in on the photo booth all at once!

Digital copies of the photos

A professional company allows you to keep a digital copy of the photo that you can send to your account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A professional photo booth provides digital copies to its customers without the added price tag.

Funky props

A professional company understands the need for different and large props in the photo booth. They have a large number of props, such as glasses, different colours of hair wig etc. You should ask the company about the availability and variety of props. And whether or not they fit your theme.

A professional booth attendant

A professional company always offers professional service. A professional attendant should always be present for your convenience, he/she makes sure everything runs smoothly during your event, effectively handles the camera/booth and know how to troubleshoot the system when problems arise.

Provides online hosting of your gallery on their website

A Professional photo booth provides their customers with password-protected online galleries where they can access their photos anytime. This allows you to download a digital copy of the gallery from the website.

At PHOTO PERFECT EVENTS, we give you all of the above in an all-inclusive price and no hidden costs.

What other things do you think your photo booth provider should have?

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