Why Hiring a Photo Booth at Your Corporate Event is a Good Investment

Be it a social gathering of family, of friends or of co-workers, everyone loves taking photos! People love to document where they are, who they are with, how much fun they are having.. and why not? These moments are fleeting and you only get one chance to make them memorable _ and photos are a great way of documenting them! Additionally, with the boom of social media, the world is just a click away. Social media has made Australia and the world smaller, and it's great for business!

What does this have to do with your company?


During corporate events, attendees need to have the best time in order for your company to make its mark. Validation through awesome reviews and word of mouth is important, and because of social media, this validation can spread like wildfire and create an online buzz!

In corporate events, you’d want to make sure you have an ambiance of relaxation and fun, after all, that’s exactly what makes birthdays, weddings, summer outings enjoyable! A photo booth can create a great atmosphere for parties. It engages people and helps them loosen up that everyone will be talking about it for a long time! Moreover, a photo booth has the capacity to maximise your reach and compliment your marketing.

Below are 3 great reasons why a photo booth is the best thing for your business:

Networking and marketing strategies for your business

1. Provides awesome opportunities for networking and marketing.

Photos from your photo booth is also an awesome marketing strategy to spread the word about your business. Personalised layouts and branding of the photos, custom - designed according to your theme are done in order to put your name out there! And remember, photos are instantly shared on social media, so you are not only reaching your existing clientele, but you are reaching friends of their friends! This is perfect for product launches, trade shows and corporate events with particular themes and advocacies.

Photo booths makes for a great entertainer and conversation starter.

2. It's a great entertainer.

In big corporate events, not everyone know each other. The number of people attending could be a great number, and could be a really good indicator for the success of the event. However, for you to get good reviews and feedback, an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity has to be felt. In large corporate events, everyone may not know each other, and conversations may be awkward. Photo booths can be a great conversation starter, having a photo booth can get conversations start to flow smoothly while people talk about a shared experience. Hosts can also use it as a way to engage with guests. Talking to them as they line up or while thinking of a pose, makes for a great chat. Props used in photo booths are also a fun factor. People enjoy the experience of seeing themselves with different props on, they actually have something to laugh about and share with friends long after the event is over.

Photo Souvenirs!

3. Souvenirs!!!

When people go to any event, one thing they’ll be keeping an eye on is the party favour or souvenir they’ll be taking home or placing on their shelves. By having a photo booth in an event you won’t have to worry about finding the right souvenir as the photos themselves act as a great souvenir from the event. It's a great token to remember the party!

Not only is a photo booth a powerful marketing tool, it is also a great entertainer and a souvenir all-in-one! So contact Photo Perfect Events today and hire us for your next corporate event!

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